Winemakers fraternal society fine dining hosted by les Roches Bluche in Switzerland

On Saturday May 19th Les Roches was pleased to welcome and cater for the quarterly gathering of the Ordre de la Channe, the Swiss fraternal society of winemakers and winelovers.

Winemakers fraternal society fine dining hosted by les RochesThey were offered a first welcome drink, followed by the traditional ceremony including speeches, songs and enthronisation of new members. Our CEO Mrs Sonia Tatar, who had accepted their invitation to patron this chapter, was also enthronised on this occasion.

This consists in the new member pronouncing his or her allegiance to promote the wine society, then the Head of the society acknowledges the welcome with a vine stock, and the new member gets to drink a sip from the symbolic pewter cup.

After an aperitif the guests were all invited into the Market Place dining room for a fine lunch, specially designed by our Chefs to enhance the wines served, and prepared by a team of our students and their instructors. This was served to the guests by our students, who had to respect a precise timing in-between the courses some moments were dedicated speeches and songs which are an integral part of the ceremony.

The students said it was very interesting for them to cater and serve for such an event, and the guests highly appreciated our student’s high level of service and dedication. At the end of the meal, the winemakers representatives enthronised Mr Nicola La Sala, Service Instructor, and Mr Friedrich Stegmüller, Kitchen Instructor, to thank them and the students for their welcome.

Winemakers fraternal society fine dining hosted by les Roches