Revenue Management presentation at Les Roches on Feb 23rd, 2012

Revenue management skills are in high demand in today’s ever-changing and severe economical context. Businesses are eooking for ways to maximise revenue out of current resources, especially in the branch of services.


This practice, also known as yield management, is well-known in the airline industry where it’s about pricing the perishable inventory according to demand patterns.

Les Roches puts a special focus on teaching applicable skills for revenue management with Mr. Detlev Remy. As an expert on the subject, Mr. Remy is currently preparing his doctorate and is a guest speaker for major revenue management conferences in Europe. In his course, bachelor students apply management theory by focusing on case studies and real life scenarios, and they have the opportunity to use simulation software. Dr. Sigalla and Mr. Javier del Sol also teach this discipline to postgraduate students.

Each semester Les Roches invites one or two Guest Speakers to share their views and experience on this interesting discipline, and for Spring 2012 we are happy to welcome Mrs. Sheryl Freedman, Director – Global Revenue Management / Talent Development for Marriott International.

Mrs. Freedman has been in the hospitality industry for the past 19 years and has 14 years of Revenue Management experience. She’s worked with hotels in many countries including France, Germany, Switzerland, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and the United States. She began her career with Marriott International in Reservation Sales and moved into Revenue Management shortly afterwards. Her expertise includes Strategy, Pricing, Analysis and Inventory Management and she assisted in creating Marriott’s first educational class using computer simulations to teach advanced Revenue Management tactics.

Currently, Mrs. Freedman is focused on talent development and acquisition for Global Revenue Management, ensuring the “right people are in the right jobs”, as she and Marriott are committed to making a significant contribution to the hospitality industry by promoting the Revenue Management discipline in schools worldwide and ensuring curriculums are imbued with applicable knowledge of how to succeed in the world of Revenue Management.

On February 23rd Sheryl will address Les Roches BBA students about Revenue Management history and Basics (Pricing, Yield, Demand and Forecasting) and will present how Revenue Management is defined within the Marriott group.