Les Roches International Hospitality School students experience real gastronomy

Les Roches students had the opportunity to meet renowned chefs and discover gastronomic restaurants in 2010, thanks to their teacher Chef Bezzi.

Patrick Bezzi, Culinary Instructor at Les Roches, organizes gastronomic excursions into Michelin-starred restaurants for his students every year. Coming from around the world with almost 100 different nationalities on campus, our students enjoy this extraordinary occasion to experience gastronomy in Switzerland and France.

This year, Chef Bezzi took his students to the three-star Michelin restaurant of the famous chef Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. The second culinary field-trip took place in Philippe Rochat’s restaurant in Crissier, Switzerland, another three-star Michelin establishment. The third visit was to Denis Martin in Vevey, Switzerland to experience the molecular cuisine of the two-Michelin-starred chef.

For young people interested in all sides of hospitality, meeting these Michelin star chefs was like meeting Hollywood stars. “When we arrived in Lyon at the restaurant, we were astonished to be greeted by the legendary Paul Bocuse himself and that really made our day as we were able to have our individual photo taken with him” commented a student from Singapore who added: “It was a truly amazing experience that I will not forget. Now I can say “It’s a life worth eating” and I would like to give a big thank you to Chef Bezzi for organizing such a wonderful experience for us.”

The undergraduates also have great memories from their trip to the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier. “At Philippe Rochat’s, we had a total of twelve courses that challenged my taste buds from the very first dish until the last crumb I ate.” said a PGD student. At Denis Martin’s two-starred restaurant, the students discovered the principles of molecular cuisine. Then, to the great pleasure of the students, this experience was culminated by a visit from Dennis Martin himself to teach the basic techniques of this art-form on Les Roches campus.

Paul Bocuse and Les Roches Students
Paul Bocuse and Les Roches Students


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