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Summer Program
Les Roches Marbella 2019

Every summer, Les Roches attracts curious, talented, entrepreneurial young people from all corners of the globe who want to discover the world of hospitality and its career opportunities.

The best way to learn about hospitality is by doing it. We introduce you to different areas of hospitality through a program that is both experiential and theoretical, so you can see if a career in this dynamic, opportunity-rich sector is for you.

Students can choose to attend the program in Marbella for one or two weeks or even combine it with our campus in Switzerland, starting in Les Roches Marbella and traveling to Les Roches Bluche during the second week. Enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean resort city of Marbella; its beaches, outdoor sports and the amiable Andalusian culture.

The best weeks of your life are just around the corner…

Hospitality Management


Les Roches Summer Program give you the opportunity to experience diverse hospitality sectors, such as travel, tourism, events, entertainment, conferences, and food and beverage. Our faculty of industry experts and enthusiastic teachers will make this world come alive for you.

  • Transform the way you present yourself
  • Enhance your multicultural skills and global perspective
  • Get hands-on hospitality experience, including rooms division, front office and kitchen
  • Discover whether a degree and a career in the hospitality industry are right for you
Les Roches Marbella Programa de Verano


  • Bandera España 1 week in Les Roches Marbella, Spain: 22-29 July
  • Bandera España 2 weeks in Les Roches Marbella, Spain: 15-29 July
  • Bandera España Bandera Suiza 1 week in Marbella + 1 week in Bluche: 15-29 July

Programs Fees

Discover Spain, one of the world’s most visited countries, and experience​ hospitality in action in the beautiful Mediterranean resort city of Marbella. You will find beaches, outdoor sports and warm Andalusian culture.

Enjoy the full two weeks of the program in Spain, or participate in the first week through the joint program, then spend your second week in Switzerland.

Example schedule:
The program below is an example. A confirmed timetable will be given to students upon arrival.

DAY 1: Introduction to Les Roches Marbella | Welcome dinner
DAY 2: Create your dream event workshop | Pizza night
DAY 3: Use your imagination workshop | Event concept & design | Marbella Segway circuit
DAY 4: Event marketing and decoration | Winery visit
DAY 5: Resort visit | Tapas dinner
DAY 6: Aqua park and outdoor activities
DAY 7: Make it happen (final event and gala dinner)


Cost per student:

  • 1 week – EUR 1,900
  • 2 weeks – EUR 3,000

Experience the best of two worlds.

Start your summer on the Mediterranean coast and finish in the Swiss Alps to discover two well-known tourism destinations with thriving hospitality industries.


Cost per student: EUR 4,750

How to apply?

Summer Program Application Procedure

Step by step

1 Submit your application




2 Provide a copy of your English language level certificate

If you do not have one, your counselor or Les Roches representative can attest to your English level


3 Parent/legal guardian consent

If you are under 18, have your parent/
legal guardian fill in and sign the parental
consent and declaration form available here:

Minor Consent


4 Receive your acceptance letter

You will receive:

> Acceptance Letter
> Invoice


5 Arrange payment

> Within 15 days after receipt of invoice.


6 Arrival on campus

> The start of your Summer Experience program.
> On your arrival day, we will greet you with a welcome booth at the designated airport and transportation services.



Aged between 15 and 19 years old

English language qualifications: if English is not your first language, or if you have not spent the last 3 years studying in a school where English is the primary language of instruction, please enclose a copy of one of the following:

International English Language Test (IELTS): 4.5

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): 450

First Cambridge Exam (FCE): Grade C

Valid passport

Valid health insurance

Letter of recommendation from a high school teacher

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