Bachelor Degree
in Global Hospitality Management (BBA)


Years duration


Internships (2 x 6 Months)




Intakes (Jan/Sep)


The Bachelor Degree in Global Hospitality Management prepares students to enter the world of hospitality with a strategic approach to business, ready to lead and manage.

It combines sound theory and practical hospitality classes with professional internships. In the final year students take a variety business management courses and specific classes for their chosen specialization.

Hospitality Degree
BBA Specializations

Our Specializations

Based on the personal strengths and professional goals discovered through the program and its internships, students can choose the BBA pathway which best suits their career objectives and areas of interest.

BBA in International Hotel Management - Les Roches Students

4 Choices for your Future

Choose a Specialization in your final year to gain in-depth knowledge of a particular field, or take the General Management track to build your own curriculum of elective courses.

With the BBA

Specialize or take a variety of electives to create your own study pathway.

Digital Marketing Strategies

The marketing specialization will enable you to successfully market your brand in a digital world. You will develop a deep understanding of web-based and social media marketing, mobile communication, consumer behavior and cross-cultural communication.


You’ll complete the following specialization courses in semesters 7


  • Marketing Strategies
  • Market Research, Validation and Sales
  • Strategies
  • Advanced Consumer Behavior
  • Digital Engagement

Capstone Project:

  • Creating Innovative Hospitality Portfolio


The entrepreneurship specialization gives you the skills to bring innovation to large hotel chains or to start your own business. You will plan and develop your own hospitality business concept, and learn how to turn your ideas into reality.


  • Ideation, Canvassing and Value Propositions
  • Market Research, Validation and Sales
  • Strategies
  • Hospitality Finance Forecasting and Modeling
  • Pitching, Presenting and Media Creation

Capstone Project:

  • Managing Agile Teams and Projects


The finance specialization develops essential business skills such as financial analysis and accounting, problem solving and decision making. Finance is critical to all hospitality functions, so it often serves as a gateway to senior management positions.


You’ll complete the following specialization courses in semesters 7

  • Hospitality Performance Management
  • Hospitality Corporate Finance
  • Revenue Management and Optimization
  • Srategies
  • Hospitality Finance Forecasting and Modeling

Capstone Project:

  • Hospitality Finance Feasibility Study


This specialization prepares you with the skills to manage luxury resorts and related businesses. You will develop your understanding of the tourism business industry and the particular challenges involved in managing large recreational properties.


  • Introduction to Golf Club Management
  • Spa, Health and Wellness in Resorts
  • Resort Management and Operations
  • Entertainment and Activities Planning in Resorts

Capstone Project:

  • Project Management for Resort Properties


The 3.5-year Bachelor Degree in Global Hospitality Management is unique. It will help you join the world of hospitality as leaders and managers with a global outlook and an innovative approach to business. The following outline is an overview of the BBA in Global Hospitality Management program.

BBA program


Core Courses:

Gourmet Experiences

  • Fine Dining Kitchen Immersion–Olivo
  • Fine Dining Service Immersion–Olivo
  • Gastro Dining Kitchen–ONE
  • Gastro Dining Service & Oenology

Skills & Techniques in F&B


  • Resort Buffet Operation Service
  • Resort Buffet Operation Kitchen
  • Patisserie & Bakery
  • Environmental waste management


F&B Trends


  • Mixology & Bar Operations
  • Café-Bistro Operations Service
  • Café Bistro Operations Kitchen
  • Trends for foodies


Rooms Division
and Hotel Operations


  • Front Office Operations
  • Housekeeping Techniques
  • Lodging Concepts
  • Concierge and Guest Relations


Principles of Resorts: operations and communication


  • Introduction to the World of Resorts
  • Business English/ Business Comunication
  • Business Maths
  • Spanish 1 /German 1 /French 1/

Internship in Hospitality Operations



  • Hospitality Financial Accounting
  • Food and Beverage Management and Cost
  • Control
  • Marketing for the Hospitality Industry
  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Managing Diversity in the Global Workplace
  • Consumer Behavior


1 course from the following:


  • Mandarin
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

This final Hotel Operations semester will emphasize supervisory and managerial principles preparing you to fulfill the managerial functions of the key departments of a national or international hotel or restaurant:


  • Digital Marketing and Sales
  • Economics for Hospitality
  • Rooms Inventory and Control Management
  • Hospitality Managerial Accounting
  • Communicating Effectively (as per tested level)
  • Hospitality Facilities Management


1 course from the following:


  • Same as in semester 3

This final internship is generally in administration and management, providing opportunities to take decisions, create new strategies for project or department, and often opens the door to your future career.

During the final two academic semesters, alongside classes in your chosen specialization, you will build upon your previously acquired operational and technical knowledge with a range of vital management skills:



  • Strategic Leadership in Hospitality
  • Revenue and Pricing Management
  • Hospitality Financial Management
  • Modelling for Management
  • People and Talent Management


2 courses from the following


  • Events Management
  • Sustainability
  • Research Methods
  • Business Analytics for Decision-Making

Core Courses

Elective Courses (2 courses to choose):


  • Dissertation
  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Professional Development and Networking
  • Social Responsibility
  • Managing Change and Digital Transformation
  • Events Management


Specialization (1 specialization to choose):


Hospitality Entrepreneurship

  • SME Business Planning
  • SME Management
  • Maximising Return on Investment
  • Advanced Finance and Budgeting


Developing and Managing Resorts

  • Project Management for Resort Properties
  • Introduction to Golf Club Management
  • Spa, Health and Wellness in Resorts
  • Resort Management and Operations


Digital Marketing Strategies


  • Marketing 4.0
  • Innovative Sales Strategies
  • Digital Marketing and Content Creation
  • Brand Management


As part of your BBA program, you will be immersed in real business environments almost anywhere in the world. Two six-month professional internships are built into your curriculum.

Professional internships give you the opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge you acquire from your degree course. They also provide valuable experience to expand your industry networks, enhance your resume and increase your confidence of operating as a leader in the workplace

BBA Internship Hotel
Joana Ramos Testimonial

Joana Ramos
BBA Student

“Being a Global Degree student and moving around the world with the same peers gave me the perfect multi-cultural start for my future in the global hospitality industry.

Les Roches not only gave me the most vast international family but also proportioned me with an exclusive education of the Hospitality industry, and gave me access to the highest class networking all over the world to ensure that I am prepared for my future in hospitality.”

Admissions Requirements


Age – Normally 18 years old and above. Applicants can be under that age provided they are 18 years old by the time they start their first internship.

Education – A High School Diploma or equivalent. Students must have completed (supported by an official Certificate / Diploma) at least six years (for the Diploma program) and at least 7 years (for the BBA program) of secondary education and provide evidence of it. Complete information on the school, including school transcript and/or certificate of public examination (including an explanatory note of the grading system) should be provided.

If you have pursued an apprenticeship or have professional work experience in a hospitality-related field, you can access the BBA at an advanced entry point. Your program will be an accelerated version of the BBA, enabling you to build on your existing experience and management skills. See admissions requirements for BBA Completion – Direct Entry Semesters 6 & 7.

English Qualification – If you are not a native English speaker, or if you have not spent the last 3 years in an English-taught school, please enclose one of the following:

  • TOEFL: minimum score of 525 points for the paper based test and 70 on the Internet Based Test (IBT).
  • Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE): Grade C – Please also send the statement of results with your detailed profile.
  • IELTS : Academic Module minimum Overall Band Score of 5.5 and min 5.0 for each part (listening, reading, writing, speaking).

All English certificates must have been issued in the last 12 months prior to admission.

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