More than 80 nationalities on campus!
Juan Manuel Soler Director de Servicios al Estudiante

Word from Director of Student Services

“At Les Roches Marbella we keep the welfare of our students in mind at all times by providing them services such as student counseling, professional and peer tutoring services and career planning. These sessions are maintained on an informal basis by the Faculty and the corresponding administration, depending on each student’s concerns. The family-like environment of Les Roches Marbella allows students to approach the Academic Director, Academic Coordinator, Academic Department or any Faculty Member for consultation. Additional assistance is provided by the Career Development Department personnel, who will provide professional contacts to facilitate the placement of students at their internships. At our Alumni Department, our graduate students can trace the opportunities offered in the hospitality market and to keep in touch with their old class mates.

Our Student Services department is more than just an office. It organizes activities and participates in different local community and sporting events, in conjunction with students, class delegates and student government. The university provides also a Department of Student Services in order to facilitate the non academic life of the students, as well as a professional counselor to help them in learning techniques and private issues. Students are asked to make an appointment if they need help and wish to discuss matters of a personal nature. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Les Roches Marbella Hospitality Management Programs give students the foundation for a successful hospitality career. Our best reward is when graduates leave Les Roches Marbella fully satisfied and ready to start a rewarding career in this exciting industry. We then know we have surpassed their expectations and that they have made the right choice.”

J. Emmanuel Soler,

Director of Student Services

Palabras de los Embajadores de Les Roches Marbella

Elia Maurus Testimonial

Elia Brunner

Earning a diploma is one thing, but eventually a diploma is only a piece of paper handed out by universities. Les Roches will give you the Golden Key, a tool which can lead you to success, but its up to all of us if and how we choose to use this tool, whether we actively want and are willing to achieve success. Your Golden Key will be able to open any door, but you still have to open the door yourself.

Edona Karamanga Testimonial

Edona Karamanga

Les Roches, such an extraordinary school that stands out from the crowd. ‘’The building’’ is a home away from home. ‘’The people’’ in it are family but not by blood. Everyone is so passionate about what they are doing and everywhere you go, you are accompanied by such a pleasant atmosphere. Les Roches, the best decision of my life!

Irina Enasoaie Testimonial

Irina Enasoaie

Les Roches Marbella is a totally different experience compared to other Hospitality Schools. Here we are a family, learning from scratch all the particularities within a 5 stars Hotel. It is amazing how much information we acquire from Les Roches teachers but also from each one of us. All the staff in the School encourage us to be creative, humble and proactive, key aspects in Hospitality. Beside the lovely atmosphere I experience here, now I have the best business card I could ever have, being a Les Roches Alumni and I am extremely proud of it.

Joana Ramos Testimonial

Joana Ramos

Being a Global Degree student and moving around the world with the same peers gave me the perfect multi-cultural start for my future in the global hospitality industry. Les Roches not only gave me the most vast international family but also proportioned me with an exclusive education of the Hospitality industry, and gave me access to the highest class networking all over the world to ensure that I am prepared for my future in hospitality.