Les Roches hosts a Hotel Design presentation and intensive course “From Inside Out”

This week, Les Roches has the pleasure of welcoming Mrs. Antonella Dedini, Architect and Director of the Master Course in Interior and Living Design at the Domus Academy in Milan.


Mrs Antonella Dedini graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1989 with a degree in Architecture, her major being Industrial Design. She then obtained a Master in Interior Design from IDI – Interior Design Institute in Milan and undertook specialisation courses in Denmark and Sweden. Today, she has her own studio in Milan working on both architectural and interior design commissions, with projects in Italy, Great Britain, Kenya, Morocco and Russia. She contributes to a number of internationally-renowned architecture and design publications such as Domus, Abitare and Ottagono, as well as writing on design for La Cucina Italiana.

She has lectured and had managerial roles in several Architecture and Design schools in Milano, and since 2004 she is Director of the Master Course in Interior and Living Design at the Domus Academy in Milan.

Mrs Antonella Dedini will give a presentation on Hotel Design and on the Domus Academy in Milan. For the rest of the week, she will be giving lectures in an intensive course to the BBA students who have chosen the Hotel Design specialisation. The topics of her lectures include:


  • Architecture and design inspirations (Languages) I
  • Italian architecture and design inspirations (Languages) II
  • History and evolution of hotels
  • Hotel design trends
  • Materials, finishings and technologies


The second half of the week will consist of practical workshop sessions on the theme Seeking the Ultimate Hotel Experience, in which the students will be given a concept on which they will be required to develop project ideas. Then, they will prepare a presentation and give an oral presentation of the project. Following this week, an exhibition on the theme of “Hotel Design” will be displayed in Market Place.

Last year, Les Roches created the Hotel Design specialisation for BBA students who were interested in studying more in-depth how aesthetics connect with functionality to provide guests with the “Ultimate Hotel Experience”. Approximately 20 students having chosen this specialization will participate in Antonella Dedini’s course and workshops.