A wonderful opportunity to put into a real working context

Internships help you develop the work ethos and professional attitude for the industry.

Make the difference

Internships are a wonderful opportunity to put into a real working context what you have learned during theory classes and practical classes on campus. Their objectives are to:

  • Practice and improve your language skills
  • Give you a flavor for the industry
  • Allow you to discover new destinations, new countries
  • Provide you with real work experience Increase your employability
  • Open the doors for a permanent job

While on internship, you will also develop a broad range of skills and competences that will prepare you for future leadership positions such as teamwork, self-management, decision-making, problem-solving, managing stress and communication.


Our CDD office receives numerous internship offers daily from around the world, from different companies including International hotel chains, boutique hotels, private restaurants and hotels, golf courses, golf resorts and cruise lines, among others.

Internship offers must meet the school’s requirements to ensure the best learning experience for our students. These internship placement opportunities are published in the School’s intranet for consultation by all students.

Actually, the school received an average of 5 internship placement offers per student demonstrating the true potential from this fast growing industry and related sectors. Therefore, students have available great internship opportunities to allow them to fully develop their professional potential.

Practicas profesionales en Dirección Hotelera


While studying hospitality, students will have the opportunity to experience actual hospitality careers by working as an intern. Having firsthand, real-world exposure to a variety of different hospitality functions is a great asset and is an invaluable first step in launching a hospitality career.

Find out the types of internships positions available, students testimonials and career opportunities available to students by downloading the Les Roches hospitality career opportunities booklet in pdf.

Burj Khalifa Skyscraper

Where do you dream of working?

Internships can be very diverse in terms of type of establishment and location. They range from private family owned hotels to international five star hotel chains, restaurants, etc. Students will also have the opportunity to do their internships in Spain, in which case the internship will be supervised by the Career Development Department.

Depending on your nationality, work permit conditions and language skills, the world is open to you! Exciting destinations are available and you could work in a business hotel or restaurant in a large city or in a beautiful golf resort by the sea. Regardless of the type of establishment or location, this real work experience will help succeed in your future career in this industry.

With 40 countries to choose from, the world is open to you offering challenging internship experiences. Below are examples of countries where our students do their internship.

Professional Internship

For students in the undergraduate programs, each internship will develop specific skills and provide a different experience.

1st internship

This internship is of operational nature and students will either work in service and / or at the reception. They will work in a “Front-of-the-house” position, which means that they will deal with guests and ensure their well-being. Students will therefore develop specific skills such as their presentation, communication and language skills.

2nd internship

This internship is also of operational nature, generally working in the “Back-of-the-house” They will develop another set of skills, namely those relating to organization, time management, pressure and team work.

Students who will have a second internship will move towards a more administration position where they will have more responsibilities and will have to take the lead on certain projects. Besides, during this internship, students will develop further their competencies which deal with self-management, decision-making, problem-solving and managing stress.

Postgraduate students generally undertake one internship in the hospitality industry that lasts a minimum of five to six months.

As students in this program are more mature, due to their background, age and previous education, they will generally be given an administrative, supervisory, or training position (with, if possible, exposure to a variety of operating departments) in an international hotel or another hospitality establishment.

The supervisor will work with students in order to incorporate the knowledge and skills they will have already acquired during their semester of classroom and craft-based-learning experience on campus.

What our student say

Practicas profesionales en Marbella

“During my internship at Kempinski I was able to develop my skills for planning, organizing, and supervising conferences, fashion shows, corporate meetings, weddings, gala dinners, and golf tournaments. From day one I was given responsibilities to meet directly with clients to organize their events together with the department head, conducting site inspections, and coordinating the various departments that assist in carrying out events of all sizes. After completing my internship, I discovered that I want to pursue my career in Event Management when I graduate as it is an area of Hospitality Management that is dynamic, fast-moving and always exciting.

Matilde Haour, Events Management Trainee
Kempinski Hotel Bahia, Marbella, Spain

Practicas profesionales en Barcelona

“The six months I spent working in the five-star Grand Luxe Hotel Claris gave me invaluable experience in several areas of front of house hotel operations. I was well prepared to begin my internship thanks to the hands-on training I received during the previous semester of studying at school. While working in the hotel I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to cross-train in check-in / check-out procedures, room service, and guest relations. Hotel Claris is a world-class hotel and the experience I gained there will be extremely helpful when I graduate and seek out a management level position to begin my career in Hospitality Management.”

Ricardo Brandao Fernandes, Front Office Trainee
Hotel Claris, Barcelona, Spain

“After interviewing directly with the General Manager of the Crowne Plaza, I was happy to receive news that I had been accepted to train as a Guest Relations Officer in this luxury business hotel. During my internship I gained important service skills with guests from all over the world while working with all the hotel’s departments to ensure their needs were catered too. Working in China was a true cultural experience and has served to prepare me for an international career in Hospitality Management.

Waleed Raad, Guest Relations Officer
Crown Plaza Hotel, Foshan, China