Les Roches International Hotel Management School offers Customized Programs for Hospitality Organizations

Les Roches is pleased to offer targeted training and education for hospitality organizations through a range of customized programs.

These tailor-made programs are designed to help hotel, tourism and hospitality partners take their businesses to the next level of achieving excellence in service and performance. The courses will allow staff, managers and executives to follow relevant, applicable, innovative and market-oriented courses that are customizable to the specific needs of each organization.

Les Roches has the expertise, experience and infrastructures to deliver a strategic combination of theoretical sessions and hands-on training built around the day to day operations and service in the hospitality world.

Our experienced faculty contributes its research capacities for the in-depth needs analysis, assessments of challenges and opportunities that are key processes in the customization phase. An open dialogue and collaborative planning are essential to the program development process for the best delivery outcomes.