Les Roches Alumnus at the head of the award-winning Hôtel d’Aubusson in Paris

he Hotel Aubusson has attracted quite a lot of attention since Les Roches Almunus Andreas Spove took over as General Manager in 2011.
In just one year, the hotel has been nominated for awards that speak highly of its rigorous service standards and excellent facilities:


  • Featured on the Condé Nast Traveller’s Golden List for 2012
  • Nominated on Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice for Best Service
  • Awarded “Luxury Hotel with the Best Value” for France at the September 2011 Trophées de l’Hôtellerie Awards
  • Mentioned in Andrew Harper’s top 20 Hideaway Hotels in 2011


Hôtel D'Aubusson LogoWhat makes the Hotel d’Aubusson so special? It has a combination of charms that make it stand out from the crowd and a fabulous team striving to make the guest’s experience unforgettable. In addition to a great location, only a few minutes from the Louvre, the hotel’s cleverly renovated facade and spacious interior inspire the visitor to dream and relax, or to stop by the famous writer’s hang-out the “Café Laurent ”for piano and jazz evenings. The Hotel also offers a wide range of top quality complimentary services, earning it the great reviews that have placed it among the people’s favorites in Paris.

Les Roches Almunus Andreas Spove
Andreas Spove

Andreas Spove took over the management of the Hotel d’Aubusson in 2011, after having managed several Luxury Hotels in Paris. He is an active Alumnus and has kept strong ties with his Alma Mater, coming back on campus twice a year to recruit interns. He was with us on February 17th to present his hotel to the students, and to conduct interviews with potential candidates to an internship within this very special establishment.