Les Roches Alumni of the early 90’s re-unite on the Swiss Campus

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management hosted a major Alumni reunion on 20 and 21 August 2011. 140 former students and Les Roches graduates from the years 1990-1995 found their way back to Bluche.


Some of the Les Roches Alumni hadn’t come back to Les Roches in almost twenty years. They had however never forgotten their friends of their student years, and contact had been maintained via the Alumni website, e-mail, Facebook, Skype and other ways of communication. “It’s a period when you’ve grown up and a lot has happened. You feel a longing to meet up with your old friends again, with whom you have shared so many memories”, said Australian Nick Allen, who graduated in 1993. Talking with his old friends, he realized that this feeling was shared by many and this is how the idea of a grand reunion on Campus of Alumni of the early nineties was born.

On Saturday 20 August, the approximately 140 Alumni and their guests were offered two workshops: one given by Emilio Varini MBA, CHE, BSc. Program Manager at Les Roches, Bluche, about “Challenges and dangers of price discounting in the dynamics of market flexibility”. The other workshop was given by Chris Sheppardson, Managing Director of Chess Executive in London, about “Leadership in the Hospitality Industry”. There were also guided tours of the Campus, and most Alumni were very impressed by the recent developments: the new residences, the lobby extension and new terrace, and the Petit Roches mock-up Hotel Room and reception.

In the evening, a Gala Dinner took place. Welcome speeches were given by Les Roches CEO Sonia Tatar, Campus Director Clive Taylor, Career & Alumni Manager Matthieu Mioche, 1993 Alumnus Nick Allen and Francis Clivaz, younger brother of Mr Marcel Clivaz, father founder of Les Roches. Some former teachers and members of staff were also invited, instantly recognized by the Alumni. “It’s like travelling through a time tunnel”, say May Chan, who graduated 1991, “you flash back to your student years and forget you’ve grown up. It brings back all those times of joy and happiness”.

On the Sunday, an informal poolside barbecue party and interaction with current Les Roches students took place. For the students, this was the ultimate opportunity to discuss their future career opportunities.

This gathering was the first Alumni Reunion of this big scale organised at Les Roches and it will definitely be followed by others in the future. Many Alumni have suggested wonderful ideas for next events, as well as proposed new ways of developing exchanges between the school and its alumni. Whether they have remained in the Hospitality industry or moved on to other business branches, all Alumni mention that what they learnt at Les Roches has substantially influenced their life journey, both professionally and personally, confirming that “Les Roches is not just a school, it’s a way of life.”