Les Roches Alumni Jacqualine Chen branches out with HTC

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management is pleased to share news from the Les Roches Alumni group in Taiwan. Ms. Jacqualine Chen, from the class of 1998, has branched out from the hospitality sector to a new position with the technology giant HTC, in Taoyuan.


Jacqualine Chen graduated from Les Roches in Winter 1998 with the BBA in Hotel Management and was most recently employed as a Regional Training Manager for Bulgari. Following a spontaneous offer, she will be joining the mobile phone giant HTC Corporation at the headquarters in Taoyuan next month as the Senior Global Training Manager.

“Last month the tech giant HTC called and offered me an interesting opportunity”, Jacqualine Chen explained. “At first I hesitated because it’s a very different industry with the MIT Engineers and Harvard MBA people around. However, I’m confident that my experience and background in hospitality and retail could also be beneficial to the technical world, so I’ll be joining HTC next month as the head of Global Training managing 38 countries/cities worldwide.”

“This will be a big step forward in my career path from regional to global work with tons of challenges ahead. As HTC is one of the fastest-growing companies, their training network needs to be well-structured worldwide in order to cope with the fast-paced business. My role will be focusing on training structure set-up, identifying global training needs, implementing & designing training programs, and monitoring training personnel in each country so to have a global standard and alignment. I will be based in Taoyuan at the headquarters of HTC Corporation.”

The career step from Jacqualine Chen proves that hospitality management is more than just working in hotels and restaurants. Les Roches Alumni are working at management positions in many different sectors. Each semester, almost 50 high profile companies visit Les Roches in Switzerland to recruit graduates.