An American high school student wins the “You are 5 Stars” hospitality competition

Kyle Kuo, from Arizona, won the first global online competition focused on hospitality, beating 1700 participants from 101 countries.

Kyle Kuo, a high school student from Arizona, USA, has won the grand prize of You are 5 Stars, the first global online competition focused on hospitality, launched by Laureate Hospitality Education. The competition, which ran from September 3rd to October 28th, attracted an impressive number of participants from around the world:


  • 1700 participants
  • 101 nationalities
  • 2068 virtual hotels
  • 1.7 million visitors “checked-in” to their favorite virtual hotel


In the “Executive” hotel category, Kyle obtained 16,741 check-ins for The Negotium Hotel which focused on bringing world-class comfort in a flexible, working environment for fast-paced individuals. Kyle was interviewed by two members of the 5-Stars Jury: Rand Golberg, Vice President Recruiting, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Arie A. J. van der Spek, Senior Vice President, Laureate Hospitality Education Worldwide. Based on his interview and performance in the competition, Kyle was chosen as the winner among the top 6 finalists coming from Russia, Brazil, and Switzerland.

“The hospitality industry has always been an interest to me. I am already quite familiar with this world: I am currently working in a restaurant in USA. But this game gave me the extraordinary opportunity to act virtually as a hotel’s General Manager and strengthened my interest for this fascinating world” said Kyle Kuo, the winner. “Now, I will be able to live a world-class hospitality experience in one of the best hospitality schools of the world, I am planning to go to Les Roches International School of Hotel Management.”

Participants in the “You are 5 Stars” competition built their own virtual hotel and then promoted them to earn the most “check-ins” from fans through social media and email campaigns. The six finalists moved on to an interview with a jury composed of industry professionals who assessed them on their knowledge of the hospitality industry as well as their hotel design, business strategy, and promotions. Kyle Kuo has been awarded for his 5-star qualities (promotion strategy, customer- and service-minded, passion for hospitality) which are essential to hospitality management.

“We hope that this world-class hospitality experience will inspire Kyle to pursue a career in this fast-growing, international industry,” said van der Spek, Senior Vice President of Laureate Hospitality Education Worldwide.