Les Roches Marbella has obtained Social Responsability Certification SGE-21

Corporate Social Responsibility - In 2011 Les Roches Marbella was awarded Corporate Social Responsibility Certification in Management Systems SGE-21 by Forética and Bureau Veritas for complying with international ethical and social responsibility standards. The certification was awarded to Les Roches Marbella again in July 2014.


Les Roches Marbella wants to actively lead this initiative in Spain and not only as a statement of intent.

Hotel Management involves a marked character of hospitality and service to others in continuous interaction with the client and society; therefore, it is essential to know not only their needs and expectations, but also its evolution over time in order to fulfill them. The development of "social sensitivity” becomes a crucial factor.

Since 2010/2011 Les Roches Marbella embraces Social Responsibility according to the standard SGE 21:2008 taking a further step towards corporate excellence.

You can download Les Roches Marbella Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate in pdf format.

Adherence to this initiative is part of the strategic policy of Les Roches Marbella’s activity involving various projects for action and pursuit of continuous improvement. The focus of management is not only about the satisfaction of students and customers or the protection of the environment, but goes beyond, seeking to create value in society. Therefore, Les Roches Marbella tries to instill the desire and ability to contribute to improving society in its graduates.

Les Roches Marbella maintains ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification in Management Systems for complying with international quality and environmental standards.


The ethical management approach at Les Roches Marbella is publicly evident in its Management Code of Ethics and Conduct, available to anyone who requests it, becoming part of the Social Responsibility Policy presented here:


Les Roches Marbella was founded in 1995 with the purpose of educating and training leaders for the hospitality industry following the Swiss educational model and tradition of “perfection” combined with an American education ethos. The faculty project aims to reach the highest standard in Spain and a prominent place in Europe to become the best in its class as an educational institution. Les Roches Marbella strives o be recognized as such by its graduates and the hospitality industry.

Les Roches Marbella fully identifies itself with the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries which are changing continuously and is forecasted to be the highest growing sector over the next decades. On this basis, according to our mission, vision and institutional values, we establish actions that allow us to meet not only our students but also people within the organization and embrace corporate excellence.

The General Management, in collaboration with the Les Roches Marbella Quality Committee, sets the following basic criteria of our Social Responsibility Policy:

  1. To satisfy our students by offering them the highest level of educational training and services during their stay in the School.
  2. To lead the educational procedures and the support processes ensuring the necessary resources through an established strategy.
  3. To develop the necessary competencies in our faculty and supporting staff to achieve the best possible performance.
  4. To guarantee the management of our procedures by establishing quality and environmental management systems and recognized models of excellence.
  5. To overcome the requirements of the legislation applicable to our activities as an educational institution, as a workplace and in relation with our impact on the environment and society.
  6. To carry out the necessary actions to prevent potential environmental damages that our operations or activities may cause.
  7. To prevent and avoid damage and deterioration of the health of our workers.
  8. To raise awareness about our mark on society.
  9. To back the education and implementation of the principles of food hygiene and safety of future entrepreneurs and managers of the Hospitality and Culinary Industries, so that they can internalize and practice on a daily basis the legal and ethical requirements.

You can download the basic criteria of Les Roches Marbella Social Responsibility Policy in pdf format.

  • Creation of an Ethics and Social Responsibility Management Committee to enhance and promote social responsibility at all levels and areas of Les Roches Marbella, while serving as a support unit for management activities that may have an impact on stakeholders.
  • Development and regular publication of a Social Responsibility Report, also known as a sustainability report. This report serves as a means to communicate the opportunities and challenges of economic, environmental, and social aspects of Les Roches Marbella. Furthermore, it enables a more direct and transparent form of communication to our students, employees, business partners, suppliers, government, and any company involved commercially - including our competitors.
  • Recently, on December 2, 2010, Les Roches Marbella receives the Andalusia X Prize for Excellence in Business Management in the form of Socially Responsible Management practices. The award recognizes the contribution of Les Roches Marbella’s efforts to lead Andalusia’s business community in innovation and modernization. This distinguished award was made possible by Les Roches Marbella’s incorporation and implementation of socially responsible practices and strategies, as well as directing activities towards sustainable management.
  • Les Roches Marbella promotes year-round grants to different charities and social organizations in their eagerness to be a socially responsible educational facility. This responsibility focuses on raising awareness of financial constraints within the family environment while looking out for the region’s neediest people through donations of clothing, food, and furniture. Also, Les Roches Marbella participates in numerous volunteering efforts with the objective of making a direct impact on the living conditions of these underprivileged individuals.
  • The protection of fundamental human rights is another commitment of Les Roches Marbella, as reflected in its voluntary adherence to the principles of United Nations Global Compact. This commitment includes conducting annual activities that are integrated into its corporate strategy on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Combating Corruption.

Anyone interested in knowing more on Les Roches Marbella, its Code of ethics, its Social Responsibility Policy or other innitiatives can contact: 

Tel: + (34) 902 515 520 - extension 7413
Email: socialresponsibility@lesroches.es